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Mac Mini -- a Cash Cow! Steady money

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Mac Mini -- a Cash Cow! Steady moneyPosted: Monday, November 22, 2010 [20:00:56] - 1
Posted by:JackPosts: 3
If you're on a market to make money on the Internet - you probably did read all those phony articles "Easy money on the Internet".
There is no such thing unless you know what you're doing.

If you have a Mac and know a few things like AppleScript, Perl or PHP, comfortable with Terminal - you gotta be making money on the Internet.
If you do not know any of those languages above - they are really easy to learn.

What we can discuss here is the way of using Macs, considering that Mac Mini G4 available Today for under $200 on eBay and Craigslist and it could bring at least $20/day in completely automatic fashion.

What kind of money-making fully automated applications one could run on a Mac (feel free to add your own):
- Internet data-mining, data collecting
- verifying if website is up or down
- updating websites VIA FTP etc. with data collected and compiled
- SEO research on competition websites
- Run and save reports on Google AdSense, AdWords, Google Analytics, your own logs etc.

How does above applications can make you money?
Proper data-mining and compilation can be used to properly drive your own website towards better SEO and, as result, better placement on Viral search results and if you sell products on the Internet -achieve an increase in sales without extra expense.

One reason why Macs have an advantage in data mining - one could write an AppleScript to browse the websites with Safari or FireFox which is 100% indistinguishable from a real user for webmasters, especially if AppleScript program uses a randomizer to create unpredictable browsing patterns. This way it is hard to get banned from visiting websites and read forums, blogs etc.
RE: Mac Mini -- a Cash Cow! Steady moneyPosted: Saturday, November 27, 2010 [11:22:05] - 2
Posted by:chrootedPosts: 2
I agree
All those nice websites on internet income are 99.999% just plain joke.
If you see a lame-designed site with "proof" of income as scanned Google check on adsense or any other similar Commission Junction stuff - run away ASAP.

It takes knowledge, dedication and a lot of work to make anything tangible on the Internet Today.
AdSense only bring you something you can feel if you have popular site with traffic more that 2 visitors a day with a lot of interesting content.
To get a content you would need to build something that will attract visitors and it should be a genuine traffic.
If you join an affiliate network or anything similar that will feed you a content - usually it means you will never gain any traffic based on your content if it is delivered to your site in a form of an iFrame.

Nobody will give you anything free in life or on the internet. Nothing! That includes content, methods of getting it or anything that will make you successful.
One has to work really hard to be successful! Titles like "I do not know much about computers but I make tons of money monthly" is simply not true.

I hope my post will not be deleted even though it's not exactly on the topic.
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